The Founding Era

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The American Revolution was the first modern revolution, marking the first time in history that a people fought for its independence in the name of certain universal principles of human rights and civil liberties. More than two hundred years later the Constitution and the political system it established remain a model for people all over the world seeking to create democratic nations.

The main resource book is organized into the four chronological sections: The Roots of the Revolution; The Revolutionary War; The US Constitution in Context; and The New Nation. Also included is the booklet Slavery in the Founding Era: Literary Contexts.

Each volume of the History in a Box series includes

  • A resource book with annotated primary sources, artwork, maps, discussion questions, and a list of additional resources; accompanied by an electronic version of the book on CD-ROM
  • A sequential set of posters of documents and illustrations
  • 8 to 10 portrait placards of key individuals
  • A timeline
  • Lectures by eminent historians (DVD)
  • Music and/or dramatic readings of letters from the period (CD).